Thursday, August 14, 2014

The ''Love Light'' Prism Lantern / Candle Holder in my opinion

The previous week. I search for information on the The ''Love Light'' Prism Lantern / Candle Holder, so i have to tell.

The ''Love Light'' Prism Lantern / Candle

The ''Love Light'' Prism Lantern / Candle Holder

With the strike of a match you can turn any candle into a dazzling crystal chandelier. Gazing at the pristine colors soothes the mind just like meditation. The PATENTED ''Love Light'' by inventor James Foley is perfect for restaurants night clubs reception desks wedding head tables and guest tables home use or anywhere you want a truly unique lighting experience. Makes a GREAT GIFT Place the candle on the included base and swept away by the dazzling show of holographic spectra-light. Made of quality heavy crystal and chrome. Measures 7.5'' tall and 3 7/8'' wide. Try using different styles of candles and lights to alter the magical effect. The larger the flame the more mesmerizing the light show. LED lights also work great ... Read more

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